Nursing: When you’re not sure if it’s Saturday or Tuesday.

Is this a nurse sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Nurses are funny and have a warped sense of humor.

My beloved wife is a nurse and a darn good one too. She is also a night shift nurse. Omg she makes me laugh with all the stories she tells.

The other nurses, the patients, the families, and the doctors. Endless shenanigans going on at the hospital and the nurses all have a front seat for it!


So much extra space for the significant other lol




The night shift. It goes against all that is holy.

Unless you’re a vampire there is no reason to be up all night and sleep in the daylight. The circadian rhythm can only be played with for so long. The nurse at the end of her 3 day shift is no one you want to mess with.

I stay up late and by late I mean 2am or as night shift nurses know it, lunch time.

Twelve hours on. Twelve hours off. Rinse. Repeat for 3 days. It’s like your own personal Ground Hog’s Day 3x weekly.

Remember when you were a little kid and always whined and begged to stay up later. Well, you got your wish. lol.


WTF x20 = 1 nurse’s shift.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone in nursing loves to be of service and helpful.

It feels wonderful to have a profession that actually saves lives and makes a difference. One is truly blessed to be able to give.

However, the level of  WTF a nurse encounters on a daily basis is waaay above average. Maybe it’s the atmosphere, maybe the circumstances, maybe people just let down their ‘normal’ shields when in someone’s care. There are so many stories that could fill a book.

Remember when George Carlin said “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”  , well that number goes dramatically up in nursing.


Nursing feels like a vacation anyway doesn’t it?


No, I Do Not Want to come in for some extra cash.

Most nurses put their phones on silent for just this reason. You just worked three 12’s straight and no another twelve doesn’t sound great lol.

Here’s a banner idea, instead of relying on your spread thin staff maybe hire one more person! No couldn’t do that. Too logical.




Awhooo, Werewolf in Nursing! ♫






And of course with any profession that deals with the public you have, the full moon effect.

The crazies just seem to come out of the freaking woodwork!

If you haven’t seen a naked guy covered in ‘fluids’ of some sort running around the place singing a show tune from the 80’s just wait, it’l happen. Ahh good times, good times.

We Love You Nurses. ♥

Nursing is an amazing profession with amazing people in it, God love ’em. Always overworked and under appreciated. Caring and nurturing, funny af and sharp as a tack! Be Nice to the Nurses. They will be the ones to remove your next catheter!


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Nursing: When you’re not sure if it’s Saturday or Tuesday.

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