Thank God It’s Friday!


The word Friday comes from the the Middle English word Frige or Frige Day which meant the day you get to raid the fridge of all your beers. So it’s a pretty great day and always has been! (I always knew I liked the English!)

Friday is traditionally when we get paid.

After subsisting on ramen and ice cubes for the last few days that paycheck is welcome!  Friday is for the food of kings (pizza it’s for pizza)! 








Bosses, Do not fool yourselves! No one works on Friday.

My kid doesn’t get homework on Friday.

We all know we’re just gonna punch the clock and surf the web! Allowing for the standard 2 weeks vacation there are 50 days of the year you’re getting paid to do not much but show up! It’s like getting a bonus!






In conclusion, Fridays are the most exciting of days. Filled with anticipation of the Shenanigans to come and the promise of an amazing weekend!

I Love Fridays.

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Thank God It’s Friday!

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