It’s Cold in Florida today, But Is It Iguana Cold???

Iguana get warm again okay!

Florida is the Sunshine State and while we are notorious for having the most delightful of winters, usually in the mild 70’s to 80’s.

But every once in a while it gets Iguana Cold. That’s when we drop into the 40’s. We all bundle up with the last of our winter clothes. But the Iguanas are not prepared for such weather. no no no.

Iguanas are an invasive species to our wonderful state. These orange bearded reptiles are originally from South and central America. They probably were pets that got released by bored kids or fed up parents in the 90’s. Since then they multiplied, a lot.


The National Iguana Cold Scale.

Mommy is that lizard dead?

When it gets in the 40’s Iguanas go into a hibernation. All of their systems stop except their little iguana heart beats ever so faintly. Mostly, they come back to life as soon as it heats up, no harm done. Hundreds of limp lizards lying on the lawn!

On that rare occasion when it feels extra chilly in Florida please watch out for the lizards, they are not dead it’s just Iguana Cold outside!

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It’s Cold in Florida today, But Is It Iguana Cold???

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