When you Fart so long that the Toilet bowl light goes out.

or Why Donald Trump can tell so many lies and get away with it.

Imagine if you will it’s early morning just barely dawn, Nature calls you to do your business.

You sit down and let out a fart so long and trumpet like that for one brief moment you thought you had reincarnated Dizzie Gillespie, that you were tooting out revelry, that time may have just stopped on that one long loud single fart note.

In fact, it was so long that the multi colored toilet light you bought for a night light goes out. And you are left wondering how this stuff even happens.

This is no coincidence..

TRUMP (British slang term)

“Verb. To break wind from the anus, to ‘fart’. E.g.”There’s a disgusting smell in here. Has someone trumped?”

Noun. 1. An act of breaking wind.

2. The resulting smell of having broke wind from the anus, a ‘fart’.”

Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ is the fart. The light is the press correcting all the lies. The citizens are the toilet bowl.


Tell me how this is wrong.



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When you Fart so long that the Toilet bowl light goes out.

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