Algae Assists in Arrest Apprehends Criminal Carrying Cannabis.

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when the algae come for you

Crime fighting goes green in Cape Coral, Florida this past weekend. Abraham Duarte was stopped by police and fled on foot before jumping into a canal and began swimming away.

Duarte was overcome by the extreme algae and swam back to the arresting officer. He was covered in algae. The police sprayed him off with one of the neighbor’s hose.

The officers found Abraham in possession of seven vials of THC oil.

Duarte requested medical attention due to the consumption of algae and was taken to the local hospital before being transferred to the Lee County jail. This just goes to show you the algae is not always greener on the other side!

The algae is a terrible problem for everyone in South Florida but it was even a little worse for a suspect on the run this labor day weekend.

Mayor Joe Coviello said there have been “years and years of inaction on the federal level and state level,” adding that, “we’re trying to find different avenues to go down to address, locally, the situation in the canals.”

Have you had any bad experiences with red tide or green tide?? If so let us know and we may publish your story!

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Algae Assists in Arrest Apprehends Criminal Carrying Cannabis.

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