Home home on the range, where the idiots at Yellowstone play

By ~Zach Coverdell    Yellowstone National Park seems to be developing an idiot problem.

Footage has emerged taken September 14th of a man standing on Yellowstone’s Landmark, Old Faithful.  Onlookers and Park Services are yelling at the man to come back to marked trails or just to get off the geyser, and his behavior while standing on the natural monument is highly questionable.

At one point it appears that the man is urinating, but he also lies down at one point, and at yet another, it was questionable as to if he would enter the geyser.

Ashley Lemanski, who shot the video of this moron, states “We were absolutely terrified as we didn’t know if he was going to jump in or not. Very scary moment. We all just stood in shock watching him.”  Yellowstone’s hot springs and geysers have injured or killed more people in the park more than any other natural feature, including animals.

Obviously, the man ignores the warnings and cries of onlookers and officials, who walked towards a nearby parking lot after the incident.  He was promptly followed and arrested, but no details have yet emerged on the man’s identity or the charges brought against him.

This is also on the heels of a separate incident in August that went viral of a man openly taunting a bison in the middle of the road.  While unhurt, the offender, in this case, Raymond Reinke, was sentenced to 130 days in jail, for being, in this writer’s opinion, less stupid than this fellow.

Another incident of an elk knocking a man down, again on video, occurred on September 14th, as one can see a large group of people ignoring the Yellowstone Park Regulations of giving wildlife at least 25 yards of space.

Please observe park regulations when visiting our natural parks, and use common sense when in nature, or be another internet moron, fellow readers!

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Home home on the range, where the idiots at Yellowstone play

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